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Portbury Wharf Deer Special

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The Friends of Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve is a group of local wildlife enthusiasts working hard to see the perceived local value of this nature reserve enhanced and it’s long term future assured.

The Friends are not a political organisation and our key concern is bringing wildlife and community closer together.

During this period of changing ownership the Friends are negotiating with the key players to influence the future of the nature reserve and to protect and promote this much loved local resource.

Meanwhile if you want to join our bird watching groups or come to one of our events you are more than welcome – ultimately the more people who get involved, use and love the reserve the safer its long term future will be.

In broad terms the Friends’ aims are:

To preserve, promote, protect and
enhance the wildlife, resources and features of
Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve


  • to secure the long-term future of the nature reserve safeguarding it in perpetuity

  • to manage the reserve for the benefit of all wildlife as well as for the benefit of the community

  • to encourage a greater biodiversity

  • to create more and better opportunities for visitors to see wildlife

  • to encourage the wider community to support their nature reserve and get involved in its running

  • to establish a program of engagement, information, activities and education

  • to form partnerships with local schools, youth groups, businesses, health and welfare providers

  • to inspire future generations of conservationists and environmentalists


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Friends of Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve (FPWNR) is a group concerned with ensuring the long term future and adequate funding for Portbury Wharf.   We are local residents and wildlife enthusiasts that want to see the reserve and the recreational opportunities recognised and protected for future generations.