Listen to the Sounds Spring

Click on the headline to hear the calls of 3 of our Portbury Wharf birds, skylark, curlew and cuckoo (the first cuckoo this year was heard here on 5 April 2018). These 3 birds all have one thing in common, they are all on the UK RED LIST of birds of greatest conservation concern due to their falling numbers, so we are very lucky to hear them.


Please note that the SEASONAL TRACK  (to the left of the South Pool) has been temporarily CLOSED  due to wet and slippery conditions

The Friends are pleased to share this new map of our wonderful nature reserve

The map, created for us by local artist Hilary Kington, illustrates and names the significant features and pathways of the reserve as well as giving a clue to the wildlife you may see. Next year the Friends will print and deliver the map to local homes in a leaflet about the reserve.

Please note this map is subject to change.



The Friends are a group of local residents and wildlife enthusiasts working hard to see the perceived local value of this nature reserve enhanced and it’s long term future assured for future generations.

The Friends are not a political organisation and our key concern is bringing wildlife and community closer together.

During this period of changing ownership the Friends are negotiating with the key players to influence the future of the nature reserve and to protect and promote this much loved local resource.

Meanwhile if you want to join our bird watching groups or come to one of our events you are more than welcome – ultimately the more people who get involved, use and love the reserve the safer its long term future will be.

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